Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spelling List with the date corrected.

Term 1 -  Week 2 (17 Jan , Friday)

1.      A centipede has many legs.
2.     My little brother loves to dance.
3.     My dad helps me to drill a hole in the wall.
4.     I was disappointed when my friends forgot my birthday.
5.     Are these lovely flowers for me?
6.     The earthworm is long and wriggly.
7.     The miner is digging an underground tunnel.

Term 1 - Week 3 (24 Jan, Friday)

  1. Do you know the answer to the last question?
  2. My mother promised to take me to the playground tomorrow.
  3. We are heading to the jetty for a boat ride.
  4. Tom was awakened by the ringing alarm clock.
  5. Jane is celebrating her birthday next Monday.
  6. A passenger alights from the red taxi.
  7. The traffic on this street is always very busy.

Term 1 - Week 5 (7 Feb, Friday )

  1. I am having a terrible headache.
  2. The curry my grandmother cooked was very delicious.
  3. The medicine which I took was very bitter.
  4. Have you finished your homework?
  5. Alice likes vegetables more than fruit.
  6. When father saw the mess in the room, he was very angry.
  7. We arrived at the airport on time to board the plane.
 Term 1  - Week 6 (14 Feb, Friday )

  1. We aim the arrow at the target during archery.
  2. I am going to send my cousin a parcel.
  3. Can you tell me about your experience staying at a farm?
  4. My favourite colour is yellow.
  5. How many family members do you have?
  6. My brother likes painting better than singing.
  7. Thank you for the wonderful time I had at the park.

Term 1 - Week 7 (21 Feb, Friday )

1.     There are many bubbles in the bathtub.
2.    The peacock shows off its magnificent feathers.
3.    I have trouble tying my shoes laces.
4.    The movie that I just watched was very interesting.
5.    The penniless man had no money to buy food.
6.    The mischievous monkey snatched away the little boy's ice cream.
7.    The crocodile has many sharp and pointed teeth.

Term 1 - Week 8 (28 Feb, Friday )

  1. Mabel sweeps the floor everyday.
  2. I bought a huge lollipop for my best friend.
  3. Mother has many sharp knives in the kitchen.
  4. Did you see the balloon floating in the sky? 
  5. The rainbow consists of seven different colours.
  6. The green watermelon is bigger than the red apple.
  7. I change into my swimming costume before I dive into the pool.

Term 1 - Week 9 (7 Mar, Friday )

  1. The caterpillar feeds on green leaves.
  2. My baby sister likes to lick her toys with her tongue.
  3. We can find nectar in some flowers.
  4. Mrs Lim brought her family to a restaurant for dinner.
  5. Although Max studied very hard, he still failed his test.
  6. The pupa is hanging from a tree branch.
  7. There are many patterns on the wings of a butterfly.

  Term 1  - Week 10 (14 Mar, Friday)

  1. The referee blew his whistle when the match ended.
  2. Why are the pages of your textbook so crumpled and dirty?
  3. The eggs will be hatched in a few days.
  4. Our teacher will be taking us on an excursion to the Bird Park.
  5. Can you help me to take a photograph please?
  6. My hobby is collecting seashells at the beach.
  7. It is raining heavily, but I have an umbrella.

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